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Just as a speed square is an essential layout tool for carpenters and framers, this small square is similar in both form and function but is appropriately sized for laying out joinery and other common workshop tasks.

Measuring only 3 1/2" on the two shorter sides, it is a compact, lightweight tool that fits in a pocket, comes to hand nicely, and is easy to handle for precise work on smaller workpieces. Once you’ve gotten in the habit of using it, you may well be surprised at how advantageous it is in an array of situations where you might typically use a larger square.

Machined from solid aluminum with a matte anodized surface, it is laser etched on both sides with Imperial measurements in 1/16" increments, as well as a protractor scale marked in 1° increments, providing a convenient and reasonably precise workshop reference for measuring and marking angles.

The base extends 1/8" from one side of the blade and 1/4" on the other – convenient references that, among other uses, give you an easy way to mark mortises centered on 1/2" and 3/4" stock, respectively. The 1/8" side also permits reliable registration on very thin stock where the benchtop might otherwise obstruct a deeper base.

Where the base meets the blade, the inside corners are slightly relieved to ensure that the square seats well over saw whiskers.

Simple and practical, it is a tool you will reach for often. Made in Canada.

Also available in 1 1/2", 2 1/2" and metric sizes, as well as in three-piece sets of Imperial or metric squares.

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