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These specialized squares are specifically designed for laying out rafters and stairs. A "T" back on the square lets you work much faster than you could with a regular rafter square. The "rise and run" markings are easily read, as are angles.

The squares can be used for common, hip, valley or jack rafters, as well as simple cut-off or miter squares. The standard model measures 7" on the edges and 10" on the diagonal. The larger version measures a full 12" on the edges (17" along the diagonal) and has built-in square gauges for stair layout and a scribing slot notched every 1/4" for laying out parallel lines.

The greatest advantage of this square is a movable layout bar mounted under one edge, which adjusts to fit out-of-square corners – a real asset when fitting cabinets. Each is made from cast aluminum with machined faces.

Welcome tools for any carpenter. Instruction booklet included.

Made in USA.

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