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Special buy. Limited stock.

For an array of tasks, from laying out joinery to checking machine set-ups, combination squares are among the most useful tools a woodworker can own. These are good-quality squares at a reasonable price – something that's become very difficult to find. We're offering them in sets of two, a 12" and a 6" size, to cover a range of applications and stock dimensions.

The 12" model provides large contact surfaces for reliable registration, while the 6" is a convenient size to slip into an apron pocket so you can keep it readily at hand while working on a project. Each has a cast-iron head, accurately machined for squareness well beyond the practical demands of most woodworkers, with an integral level vial and a steel scribing pin.

The reversible steel rules have a satin-chrome finish and deeply etched, black-filled markings for easy reading, with 4R graduations (8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths). Dependable standbys in any workshop, available while quantities last.

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