Accessibility Statement


What we like best about this tape is that you can mark the matte blade surface with a pencil, allowing you to use the blade like a story stick for direct reference. The case also has a scratch pad for measurements or simple diagrams. You can erase pencil marks on both the tape and the pad just by rubbing them with your thumb.

Since the tape is flat, you don't need to rock the blade to get the measurement right on the surface, eliminating parallax error. Well suited to layout work on sheet stock, it is also useful for measuring curved surfaces, since it has little resistance to bending, making it easy to wrap the tape around an object. It retracts automatically, with a manual lock and a brake button to let you stop or slow down the tape's return.

There's even a built-in sharpener for standard pencils. Rubberized for grip and impact resistance, the case has a lever-action clip that hooks easily onto your belt. The 16' × 7/8" tape is graduated in 16ths.