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These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

These versatile planes are used for working radiused profiles. They smooth convex profiles, ease corners or radius edges. The hardwood bodies are contoured for a comfortable grip on either the push or pull stroke.

Suitable for hardwoods as well as softwoods, they have tight mouths to minimize tear-out. Hardened to Rc60 for durability, and secured by a wedge and cross pin, the forged high-carbon steel blades are ground to closely match the sole curvatures; you need only lap the faces to finish sharpening them. Blade setting is done with gentle taps from a light hammer – a process that may seem daunting at first, but once learned allows positive fine adjustment (instructions included).

With the exception of the machine-mortised throat, the planes are shaped and finished by hand. The mouths are set farther back in the body than European wooden planes, affording a more positive registration on the wood being planed.

Approximately 160mm (6 1/4") long overall.

  • The 6mm plane is 18mm wide with a 6mm blade and 59mm toe
  • The 10mm plane is 23mm wide with a 10mm blade and 59mm toe
  • The 13mm plan is 26mm wide with a 13mm blade and 61mm toe
  • The 19mm plane is 34mm wide with a 19mm blade and 61mm toe
  • The 25mm plane is 38mm wide with a 25mm blade and 60mm toe
  • The 32mm plane is 45mm wide with a 32mm blade and 73mm toe

Made in Hong Kong.

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