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Combining our miniature shooting plane and miniature shooting board, this set offers a more precise alternative when working with stock you might ordinarily trim to length with a knife.

Just 5 5/16" long, the plane is a fully functional 1:3-scale version of our right-hand shooting plane. The body is made of stainless steel, machined and ground with a sole and running surface that are accurately flat and square to one another. To make shearing cuts that leave a clean finish on end grain, the blade bed is skewed 20° to reduce cutting resistance. Combined with the 12° bed angle and 25° blade bevel, this yields an effective cutting angle of 36°. Weighing just over 5 oz, the plane has a walnut tote and a Norris-style mechanism that combines feed and lateral adjustments so you can set the 0.060" thick A2 blade with precision.

The 8" long, 3 5/8" wide adaptation of our full-size shooting board is made of 11/16" thick Baltic birch plywood, with a 3/8" tall cleat on the bottom for solid registration against the edge of a workbench. The extruded aluminum track is sized for a precise fit with the 0.71" wide running surface of the miniature shooting plane, ensuring it glides smoothly and tracks straight.

The fixed fence is accurately mounted at 90° to the track, and can be used with angle blocks or shop-made jigs for trimming miters or other angled cuts.

While this set adds a measure of control to exacting work such as picture framing or kumiko, we cannot deny that it’s also irresistible to use as the ultimate workshop pencil sharpener.

All components are made in Canada.

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