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A question we often hear is ”Which planes should I buy first?” That’s why we assembled this set of our low-angle block plane, small bevel-up smooth plane and low-angle jack plane – three tools that are needed for almost every hand woodworking project. All are bevel-up planes, allowing you to adjust the cutting angle to adapt to different grain simply by switching to a blade with a different bevel angle.

The low-angle block plane is a workshop essential; it fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to use for all sorts of quick trimming jobs and edge treatments. Its low bed angle, combined with the included 25° bevel blade, results in an excellent cutting angle for end grain work.

The small bevel-up smooth plane is typically used for final finishing of surfaces but can also be used for shooting miters and end-grain work. Smaller and lighter than a full-size smoother, it is easier to maneuver and is less fatiguing to use for extended periods. The 1 3/4” wide blade is also relatively narrow, requiring less effort to push. A low-angle 25° blade for end-grain work and smoothing well-behaved grain is included, along with a 50° blade for smoothing wood more prone to tear-out.

The low-angle jack plane is a well-rounded tool. It’s traditionally used to bring rough stock to final dimensions, but its long sole makes it suitable for smoothing large workpieces, shooting, mitering and jointing – anywhere flatness is the key concern. Its 5 lb 12 oz weight provides a healthy amount of inertia. The provided 25° blade cuts end grain cleanly.

Each plane is made of ductile cast iron with a sole machined flat and square to the sides. A Norris-type adjuster allows easy and accurate blade setting, and set screws keep the blade centered in the mouth. A movable toe lets you reduce the mouth opening to control tear-out or open it for heavier cuts; a stop screw retains your mouth setting and prevents the toe from contacting the blade. You have the choice of O1 or PM-V11 steel blades. The smooth and jack plane have comfortable hardwood handles, and the block plane has finger grips in the sides and a lever cap that fits the hand well.

A versatile and reasonably priced set, useful whether you’re new to woodworking or just expanding into hand tool woodworking. Made in Canada.

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