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We offer top-quality replacement blades for Stanley block planes in A2, O1 or PM-V11 tool steel. All are lapped on the face side to a flatness tolerance of 0.0005" or better, with an average roughness (Ra) of 5 microinches (0.000005") or better.

Our blades are 0.125" (1/8") thick with a 25° bevel. The grooves in the blades are for the rear depth-adjust mechanism. Check the width to determine the right blade for your plane; it is either 1 3/8" (low-angle, 60 1/2 style) or 1 5/8" (standard 9 1/2 style). The British-made Stanley planes we carry have a lateral adjust lever and require a 5/8" slot (three grooves). Planes with no lateral adjust lever (older American Stanley block planes) require a 7/16" slot (eight grooves).

Made in Canada.

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