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This little plane is a close copy of Leonard Bailey's 1877 "Little Victor" #51 block plane, which was once advertised as the "perfect tool, useful in house, shop, bank, office and especially in scroll saw work".

A simple and effective tool with an elegant design, it is a great miniature-maker's or modelmaker's plane. For a highly controlled cut on a flat surface, it can be pushed with a thumb on the lipped toe while the palm of the hand is firmly planted on the work, similar to using two hands for a paring cut with a chisel.

The investment-cast steel body is accurately machined, has a 45° bed angle and a fixed mouth, and uses a cogwheel screw to secure the included 30° bevel O1 tool steel blade (measures 0.085" thick by 1" wide). Both the sole of the plane and the working surface* of the blade are lapped to a flatness tolerance of ±0.0002" or better.

At 3 1/8" long by 1 1/4" wide, and weighing just under 5 oz, this is truly a pocket plane.

Made in Canada.

* The working surface is the 1/2" section of the face closest to the cutting edge.

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