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Made from a silicone-treated knit cotton that resists moisture, these sacks are ideal for plane storage. Designed much like a tube sock with a drawstring closure, they keep dust and dirt off planes and help deter rust. A tag on the outside of the sack lets you label the contents.

For owners of Veritas planes, we offer black-colored sacks printed with the Veritas logo; for other plane brands we offer khaki green sacks bearing the Lee Valley logo.

Available in four lengths. The 7 1/2" sack fits all block planes, Veritas block, apron, chisel, bullnose, medium shoulder, side rabbet, edge trimming and small router planes; the 12 1/2" sack fits all smoothing planes, Veritas smoothing, scrub, large shoulder, scraping, large router and small plow planes; the 16" sack fits all #5 planes, Veritas #5-1/4W and low-angle jack planes; the 25" sack fits all #6, 7 and 8 jointer planes, Veritas #6 fore and bevel-up jointer planes.

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