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This is our redesigned small plow plane. While it still excels at cutting grooves, rabbets and tongues, it now has the ability to cut decorative beading.

Closest in size to the classic Record #044 plane, the preferred size of the old-style plow planes, it has a 6 5/8" long fence that registers solidly to the workpiece and is through-drilled to accommodate the addition of a wooden fence extension.

The asymmetric fence grip is sculpted to comfortably fit the natural curvatures of the hand. Double guide rods and a special collet locking system prevent the fence from racking. Large brass knobs make adjustments fast and easy without need for tools; the fence can be offset from flush to 1 1/2" from the 1/4" blade.

The adjustable shoe, secured directly by a brass knob, controls the depth of the groove or rabbet (maximum 1/2" deep) and has relieved edges to avoid marking your work.

The large wooden rear tote offers a solid, comfortable grip, and the 9" long ductile cast-iron body weighs 1 3/4 lb and is machined with a 45° blade bed. Supplied with a 1/4" wide lapped A2 tool steel blade. This left-hand version of the plow plane is designed for left-handers. A right-hand version of the plane is also available separately for right-handers.

We offer the plane alone or in combination with blade sets. The Imperial standard set includes the small plow plane with 1/4" blade plus 1/8", 3/16", 5/16" and 3/8" blades. The metric standard set includes the small plow plane with 1/4" blade plus 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm blades.

The complete Imperial set includes all Imperial standard, wide and tongue-cutting blades, beading blades plus a conversion kit. Likewise, the complete metric set includes all metric standard, wide and tongue-cutting blades, a conversion kit plus three Imperial beading blades (only available in Imperial).

Additional standard blades in Imperial or metric sizes are available separately. We also offer wider blades as well as specialty blades for cutting tongues and for beading. For blades over 3/8" wide and all tongue blades, a wide-blade conversion kit is required.

Made in Canada. An excellent (and quieter) alternative for work often performed with a router. Patented.

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