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This Veritas product will convert any plane 2" or wider (Record, Stanley, Footprint, etc.) into a very accurate and highly controllable scraping plane.

All you have to do is remove the regular blade/cap iron and replace it with the Veritas insert. The plane's own lever cap holds everything in place and you still have full use of the depth and lateral adjustment mechanisms. In addition, the insert has an integral-tilt mechanism that makes fine adjustment dead easy.

The great advantage of this insert is that it fits all standard plane bodies from #4 to #8. It comes with a 2" scraper blade (0.016" thick), bevelled and honed with a hook on it, ready to go. 2 3/8" blades are available separately for #6, #7 and #8 planes.

It is a pleasure to use. Not only does it make scraping both easier and faster, but it ensures a level surface when you are done – no runs or hollows.

Made in Canada of steel, brass, and glass-filled nylon.

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