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Special buy. Limited stock.

Manufactured to an impressive level of quality and offered for a reasonable price, these tools are an excellent combination of utility and value.

The four-piece set includes long-nose, short-nose and flat-nose pliers – a useful assortment to have on hand for all sorts of tricky, precise tasks, where it often pays to try different jaw shapes to find the one that works best for the job. It also includes one pair of side cutters, with sturdy, steep-bevelled jaws that make tidy work of snipping wire or small finishing nails nearly flush to a surface.

Ranging from about 4 3/4" to just under 6" in length, they are relatively compact in size, so it’s easy to reach into tight spots or grasp small parts, yet they are sturdy enough to apply considerable leverage. All have precisely machined parts, so tips align accurately, jaws meet flush and hinges operate smoothly. Made of stainless steel for durability, they won’t rust and seize up on you if stored in damp conditions, and the PVC-dipped spring-return handles permit a sure, comfortable grip.

Highly recommended.

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