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Since the invention of movable type centuries ago, one thing that hasn't changed is our appreciation of well-constructed printed text.

Designed for use with Lee Valley's 2mm, 3mm and 5mm letter and number stamps, this guide helps you mark wood or metal with clear, evenly spaced characters. Accurately machined slots in the guide hold the stamp perpendicular to the work, ensuring it contacts the surface squarely. To help you set characters along a straight baseline and an equal distance apart, the guide comes with a 6" stainless-steel rule, which is marked in four spacing increments so you can select the most suitable text spacing.

To leave your hands free to position the ruler and guide on your work, an embedded rare-earth magnet holds the ruler square to a reference edge machined on the underside of the guide, while a magnet in each slot holds the stamp firmly in the slot without restricting its downward movement when struck with a mallet.

A simple yet highly effective means to achieve a tidy, professional look.

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