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Special buy. Limited Stock.

This is a versatile pocket saw for the home or cottage.

It comes with three interchangeable blades to cover a range of uses. Each blade has a cutting edge about 4 1/2" long with a Japanese-style tooth pattern for clean, efficient cuts on the pull stroke. The 11 tpi and 17 tpi blades have durable impulse-hardened teeth for plastics as well as most woods (either dry or green). The 10 tpi keyhole blade is narrow and flexible to permit small-radius cuts and has a sharp tip to let you bore a starting hole in materials such as drywall or acoustic tile.

The handle has a tough non-slip coating for good grip and can be set in line with the blade or offset for clearance when cutting close to a surface. A single slot-head screw holds the blade, so blade changes are simple (you can even use a quarter in place of a screwdriver). A true pocket saw, it folds to 6 1/2" and comes in a compact plastic case. Since the case seals tightly, it can trap moisture inside, so we recommend wiping the blade dry after use to prevent rust.

Available while quantities last, this is a well-made saw at an excellent price.

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