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Gramercy Tools of Brooklyn, New York, develops hand tools that are based on historical examples but are not reproductions. The best features are incorporated into hybrids produced with modern materials and manufacturing processes.

Adapted from 18th and 19th-century British and American models, this bow saw has a narrow blade, less than 1/8" at its thickest point, to permit tight-radius curved cuts. The 12" blade allows a long stroke, so it cuts quickly and efficiently, even in thick stock. The frame is made from hickory, chosen for its strength and flexibility, yielding a lightweight construction that is easy to maneuver.

A traditional Spanish windlass tensions the blade, but in place of the usual cotton cord, it uses a cord made of an incredibly strong modern braided polymer that is far less prone to stretching or breaking. To simplify blade changes, the saw adopts the pinned design of coping saw blades – a real advantage for anyone who does much pierced work.

The saw has a 6" span between the blade and stretcher, and fully rotating handles to adjust the orientation of the blade. It comes with three blades: a 16 tpi blade suitable for general work, a 10 tpi blade for aggressive cuts in thick stock, and a 24 tpi blade for fine cuts in thin material.

We also offer a kit of components you can use to make your own version of the saw. Kit and replacement blades available separately.

Made in the USA to exceptional standards with outstanding fit and finish throughout.

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