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Specifically developed for marquetry work, each of these sets combines a Mk.IV 8" swivel fret saw, a guide tower that helps control the saw’s movement, and a bird’s-mouth work platform, along with one of two types of quick-release hardware for mounting the tower and platform to the edge of a workbench.

Made from a strong lattice structure for rigidity with minimal weight, the saw’s aluminum frame permits far greater blade tension than conventional fret saw designs, while the innovative blade holder uses a cam and lever mechanism to instantly apply tension, greatly simplifying the process of changing and tightening blades. The blade rotates a full 360°, with detents at 45° increments for reliable blade positioning. Supplied with a 5 1/8" 15 tpi #7 skip-tooth blade, the 9.7 oz saw has an 8" throat depth and a hardwood handle.

The saw can be used free hand or mounted to the guide tower, which uses a bearing-guided pulley system to assist the saw’s movement. The pulley permits about 6" of travel per stroke, then retracts, returning the saw to the start position. This not only reduces fatigue but also helps keep the saw tracking accurately, letting you focus more of your attention on holding the saw steady throughout the cut. You can also tilt the saw tower to make bevel cuts, using a coarse screw for quick adjustments, a micro-adjustment screw for fine positioning, and a protractor scale etched onto the base plate for angular reference.

The work platform or chevalet provides rigid support close to the cut, while the tapered bird's-mouth slot permits the needed blade clearance. Made of 0.185" thick stainless steel, the platform resists bending and vibration to maintain excellent stability during the cut.

Each of the sets we offer includes two sets of steel dovetail fittings used to mount the platform and the saw tower system. Two receiver plates attach to the edge of your bench; the tower and platform are each predrilled to accept corresponding fittings that interlock with the plates. The tower and platform fittings simply slide onto the 3 1/4" × 2" × 11/32" thick plates from above, forming a firm connection, yet they release with just an upward tug, allowing you to disconnect and reconnect the tower and platform whenever needed without tools.

The fixed-mount version of the system includes receiver plates intended for permanent attachment to your workbench with screws. The movable-mount version comes with a clamping fixture used to attach the mounting plates to a workbench without screws. This lets you remove and reattach the plates on any bench with a 3/4" to 3 5/8" thick apron, so you’re not limited to working in a single location.

Each is an excellent set-up for precise marquetry work, well made in the USA.

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