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This tool pairs heavy-duty carbide scraper blades with a comfortable handle to let you use them for precision scraping.

The square and triangle blades make short work of removing paint or dried glue squeeze-out, especially in inside corners, and the round blade is useful anywhere a concave area or rounded groove needs work. Radiused corners on the square and triangular blades help prevent them from gouging your work, and unlike chisels, there's no risk of digging in and removing more wood than you intended. When one side of a blade dulls, you can rotate it to use a fresh edge.

The square blade is just under 5/8" on each side, the triangular blade just under 7/8" on each side, and the round blade is just over 5/8" in diameter; all are 5/64" thick. The handle fits comfortably in your palm and transitions smoothly into the strong stainless-steel bolster to provide a larger hand contact area for better control.

The scraper comes with a handle and three blades (one of each style). Measures 5 5/8" long overall.

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