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While conventional card scrapers are typically flexed slightly in use to keep the corners from digging in or leaving ridges in the work, this one’s gently curved edges permit a far less strenuous grip.

Based on a scraper used by Welsh chairmaker Chris Williams, it is produced by American furniture maker and author Chris Schwarz. It has rounded corners and a convex profile along two edges, so there’s no need to camber it by constantly pressing both thumbs against the back. It is made from 1095 spring steel that has been hardened then tempered to Rc48-51, with precisely cut, hand-ground edges.

About 2 1/2" × 6", the scraper comes treated with a gun-blue finish to protect the polished surface from tarnish. Very little prep work is required; all you need to do is turn a burr and put it to work.

Made in USA.

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