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These are high-quality, 1/4" hex-shanked screwdriver bits. The hex shanks are grooved for use with quick-change chucks. Each bit is machined from chrome vanadium molybdenum tool steel. These will last much longer than normal bits, especially when used in cordless drills or power drivers.

At 6", these extra-long bits let you get into areas you cannot reach with short bits because your drill chuck (and maybe the whole drill body) gets in the way. You can reach into corners, through framing, past skirting boards, etc. The extra length also gives you much better visual alignment with the screw, so the bit seats better and you experience less cam-out. As a result, your bits last longer, although these, at Rc60, are very durable anyway.

To make your own screwdrivers, you can easily epoxy the bits into handles.

Prices are per bit.