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Made in Connecticut by the Chapman Mfg. Company since 1936, these miniature ratchet and bit sets have long been valued for machinery and tool repair – anywhere a precise tip is needed.

The stainless-steel compact ratchet handle fits nicely in the palm and is particularly useful in confined spots or wherever you need an offset to reach. Despite its diminutive size, it is ruggedly constructed and reliable in use; to reverse its ratcheting action, simply turn the handle over.

The black-anodized, hardened tool steel bits have 1/4" hex shanks with a collar and a ball detent to lock securely in the ratchet. On all but the Torx bits, the top of each bit is knurled for grip, letting you spin the bit in the ratchet handle when starting a screw by hand. The bits also fit directly in the included driver handle and 3 1/2" long bit extender. Two bit assortments are available.

The cabinetmaker's set contains a selection of 24 bits useful for furniture makers and restorers. In addition to common sizes of Phillips, square recess, Torx and metric hex bits, it has 12 slot bits to fit a wide range of cabinet fasteners plus an adapter for 1/4" sockets. All the slot bits have straight sides so they won't damage the sidewalls of a counterbore.

The master set contains everything in the cabinetmaker's set plus additional sizes of Phillips, Imperial hex, metric hex and Torx bits, a Reed & Prince (or Frearson) bit for nautical fasteners and a 2" extension. A plastic disc that clips onto the bits for better fingertip leverage is also included. Modular bit racks and a numbered chart keep the bits organized.

Well-designed and versatile kits.