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Our large spokeshave provides all the utility of our regular spokeshaves – a tight mouth, simple blade-depth adjustment, and very precise machining – but in a larger, more robust package for quick yet controlled stock removal on larger-scale work. At over 18" across, it affords ample space to comfortably grip the tool without worry of scraping your knuckles against the workpiece – a common issue when using a small tool on a larger project.

The shave comes with a 2 5/8" wide, 1/8" thick A2, O1 or PM-V11 tool steel blade, seated at 45° to the sole. The integrated thumbwheels allow quick and repeatable blade-depth and skew adjustment, and two shims are supplied to enable mouth-opening adjustment from 0.040" (no shims) to 0.020" (with shims) to suit your work requirements. The body is investment-cast ductile iron fitted with comfortable African rosewood handles. The combination of a thick blade with machined lever cap and blade bed produces chatter-free cutting in virtually all conditions. Weighs 1.3 lb. Patented.

For those who cannot resist the urge to customize their tools, we offer a kit for making custom handles (available separately).

Made in Canada.

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