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Easy to master, these unique turning tools yield remarkably smooth forms that require minimal sanding. Unlike regular turning tools, which require a complex sweeping motion to maintain a smooth cut, these are designed to work by simply advancing or retracting the tip as you move them across the tool rest. Each has a tip made of durable carbide so it retains a sharp edge through long use.

The screw-mounted tips can be loosened and rotated to expose a fresh edge once they eventually show signs of wear, and all can be easily removed for replacement. Reinforced with copper ferrules, the stout maple handles have a stepped profile for secure grip. Overall tool lengths are listed.

The finisher has a round tip (5/8" diameter) for shaping and smoothing inside vessels or cutting coves on spindles.

Used in place of a small gouge, the detailer has a 1 1/16" × 3/8" double-ended diamond shaped tip that excels at cutting narrow beads or coves, and is handy for cutting dovetail recesses for chuck jaws.

Primarily used to remove large amounts of material, the roughing tool is also capable of finishing cuts on outside curves. It comes fitted with a 9/16" cutter, with edges curved to a 4" radius. Two optional 9/16" tips are available separately: a cutter with 2" radius edges for forms under 8" in diameter, and a straight cutter for square shoulder cuts.

Excellent tools. Made in USA.

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