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A wrench extender not only lets you apply greater torque when loosening a tight nut, but it keeps your hands clear of the teeth on a saw blade when installing or removing one.

With a router, where you often have wrenches that are too short to let you apply enough torque (particularly if you are using collets in the chuck), they are a necessity.

If the router is mounted to a router table, extenders will also let you work without exposing your knuckles to the router clamps, useful whether you need the extra torque or not.

The compact size (9" × 2" × 3/8") makes access easy, and the length still allows you double or triple the amount of torque you could apply without it.

All-steel construction, zinc plated with a synthetic rubber handgrip. Fits wrenches up to 1/4" thick and 1 1/4" wide.

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