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Discontinued. Limited stock.

Extensions really do extend the usability of a socket set. These are all well finished forgings with robust chrome plating.

If you use socket sets, you'll immediately know there are times when you could have used most if not all of these components. A superb complement to the basic socket sets you already own, each set is supplied in a convenient vinyl roll.

The straight extensions give your ratchet or handle more clearance from whatever is being worked on. They also promote a two-handed grip while driving, something that increases control while allowing you to go faster. The 1/2" straight extension set includes 4", 6", 8" and 10" lengths.

The special extensions and handles come as a five-piece set; each solves unique but common problems. The wobble extension lets you drive sockets at up to 15° off-axis. The magnet extension has an integral post with an embedded rare-earth magnet to hold nuts and bolts where your hands won’t reach. The locking head extension uses a ball detent to lock sockets onto the extension, ensuring you don’t leave a socket behind in a tight space. The L-handle lets you use your sockets as you would a hex key, and the sliding T-handle excels for use in tight spaces where changing effective handle length allows you to work around obstructions without repositioning.

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