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Box-making and modelmaking often require small parts that are too dangerous to run through a power jointer and difficult to joint with a hand plane; balancing a plane on pieces much smaller than its sole can be awkward. This hand jointing accessory for our medium and large shoulder planes lets you bring the work to the plane instead, giving you better control of the cut.

The 10" × 2" low-friction HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fence makes it easy to align work square to the blade. Multiple mounting holes let you orient the plane for right- or left-hand use, securing it via the through-hole using a brass knob. The large bottom section of the panel provides plenty of surface area for clamping the hand jointer horizontally to a bench top or vertically in a front vise – a blade-up orientation that was favored by coopers for precisely jointing barrel staves.

It also includes a pocket with an inset rare-earth magnet for holding a spare blade, useful for storing a blade sharpened at a higher bevel angle to deal with highly figured wood. A safe and accurate way to joint small parts.

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