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This item is discontinued. Available while quantities last.

For use with the Kreg K4 pocket-hole jig, K5 pocket-hole joinery system or K5 master system, this accessory cutter lets you make customized pocket-hole plugs, whether to conceal the hole with a plug of matching wood or to create eye-catching accents with contrasting wood.

The cutter and guide block set makes accurately sized plugs for a snug fit in standard-sized pocket holes. The guide block has hardened steel inserts and mounts in place of the usual drill guide block on the Kreg pocket-hole jig.

With the cutter guide block in place and the stock clamped in the jig, you simply drill as you would when making pocket holes. The resulting plugs are easily cut free using a bandsaw or handsaw.

The bit is carbide-tipped for durability, with cutting geometry that shears wood fibers for a clean surface finish. Comes with a depth stop collar and hex key.