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This compact jig makes adding shelf support holes to new or existing furniture easy. It has six hardened steel bushings set 32mm apart, and a dual-position fence to help align the jig with edges for accuracy.

You can also remove the fence and clamp the jig in position for custom offsets or drilling next to a cabinet back. Alignment marks and indicator windows help to align mounting screws for installing hinge plates.

The jig includes either a 1/4" or a 5mm brad-point drill bit with an adjustable depth stop collar, and a locating pin (to ensure consistent hole spacing when extending an existing row of pin holes). A built-in bracket lets you connect multiple jigs for production work.

The 5mm bit is stepped with a 1/4" upper section to fit the 1/4" bushings of the jig. The locating pin, up to two bits and the hex key can be stored neatly in slots on the underside of the jig. The bits are also available separately.

Measuring 4" wide by 7 1/2" long (9" with the detachable jig extension), the jig is made from high-impact ABS plastic. An easy, precise and economical way to add new shelf positions to furniture.

To let you hang a single shelf, each jig includes four paddle supports with pin diameters matching the jig’s drill bit.