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Modelled after our full-size shooting board, this miniature adaptation is designed for use with the Veritas Miniature Shooting Plane, adding a measure of control to precise trimming tasks.

Made of 11/16" thick Baltic birch plywood, it has a 3/8" tall cleat on the bottom for solid registration against the edge of a workbench. The 8" long extruded aluminum track is sized for a precise fit with the miniature shooting plane (offered separately or paired with the miniature shooting board), ensuring the plane glides smoothly and tracks straight. And if by some chance you happen to find another plane with a 0.67" to 0.73" running surface, that should work, too!

The shooting board has a fence fixed at 90° to the track, and can be used with angle blocks or shop-made jigs for trimming miters or other angled cuts.

Made in Canada.

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