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Unlike other jigs and fences, Incra systems move the work relative to the cutter by means of a direct-reading fence that locks in exact 1/32" increments. Suitable for drill presses, bandsaws, etc., they excel on a router table for making dovetails, box joints and decorative inlaid joints. To set up, simply index the cursor to an Imperial scale or to set positions on a joint template for repeatable accuracy and an incredibly close fit between parts.

Economical but accurate, the Original Incra jig is molded from glass-filled polymer and uses two pairs of 1/32" interlocking meshed-tooth racks to set cutting distance (to within 0.002" over an 8" range); a two-wing clamping knob then locks the position. Includes a 20 1/2" long by 3" tall laminate-faced MDF fence, a stop block, and an aluminum right-angle fixture.

The body has an Imperial scale, and two joint-making template channels (3/8" box joint and 1/2" dovetail templates included). Includes an instruction manual.

Sold separately, the master reference guide and template library illustrate 51 joints, including inlaid dovetails and finger joints.

We also offer the Incra jig alone, for those wishing to build the fence and accessories.

Versatile, precise, and easy to use. Made in USA.


Not available for shipment to Québec.


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