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To simplify joinery on larger-scale constructions, this pocket-hole jig is designed for use on two-by lumber or any stock 1 1/2" or thicker. Ruggedly made from glass-reinforced nylon with hardened steel inserts, the jig guides a 1/2" diameter stepped drill bit, centering two pocket holes spaced 1 7/16" apart.

The guide block is easily clamped to the work using a face-frame clamp (we carry one by Kreg that fits stock up to 2" thick); it is also compatible with the benchtop base or the portable base supplied with the Kreg K4 and K5 jigs.

Set includes a 7 1/2" long HSS stepped drill bit, a depth collar, a 6" square-recess driver bit, and a starter pack of ten 2 1/2" exterior-grade washer-head screws, suitable for use with natural and ACQ-treated lumber (larger quantities of screws available separately).

Made in USA.

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