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Compatible with Grex pinners and nailers, this anodized aluminum guide registers the tool against the workpiece helping ensure that pins and brads are set at a consistent distance from the edge. It is available in two models, one for use with Grex 23 gauge pinners (except for the P650LX model) and one compatible with Grex 18 gauge brad nailers.

Each has a graduated arm (marked in 1/16" increments) that permanently mounts on the magazine, with a removable stop that can be locked at any point along the arm for accurate, repeatable positioning.

A 5/8" diameter plastic disc provides a smooth, low-friction registration surface, so it's easy to slide the guide along the stock as you work. Maximum distance for the stop is 2 1/2" for the 23 gauge model and 4 1/2" for the 18 gauge model.

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