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For tough scrubbing jobs that require a lot of elbow grease, these easy-to-use brushes help save time as well as wear and tear on your scrubbing arm.

Designed for use with a typical power drill, they make it easy to scour a wide range of surfaces from tile grout to carpeting. Simply apply cleaning product to the area and choose the right brush for the surface. Sturdy polypropylene bristles provide a thorough scrubbing without scratching.

Three brush styles are available. Both round brushes work well on flat surfaces; the soft version has thin, flexible bristles that are safe for use on glass, upholstery and carpet, while the medium brush has thicker bristles with increased stiffness, suitable for surfaces such as fiberglass tubs or outdoor furniture.

The barrel-shaped corner brush is designed for cleaning in awkward spots where the round brushes can’t reach. (Medium stiffness and corner brushes are not for use on glass or mirrors.)

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