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Ideal stones for texturing and feathering. The points are a blend of ceramic and aluminum oxide materials that runs cooler and longer without clogging.

Suitable for all woods, hard metals, bone, alabaster, glass, gemstone and plastic, the bits keep their shape, even when working metal. Can be touched up on a dressing stone when needed. The boxed set contains seven fine grit (120x) and two medium grit (80x) stones with points ranging from 5/64" to 1/4" in diameter and 7/64" to 1/2" in length.

All shanks are 3/32". Overall length is 1 3/4" to 2". Maximum 45,000 rpm, although best results can be achieved with light pressure and lower speed. We recommend testing first by varying the speed and pressure before working on a final piece.

Made in USA.

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