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Designed to cut quickly with minimal friction and heat build-up, these innovative M2 high-speed steel bits have two scoring spurs to limit contact with the wood, and the sides are slightly relieved so only the leading edge touches the wall of the hole.

Chip-breaking grooves machined in the cutting bevels eliminate clogging by splintering waste into small chips that are readily ejected. Available individually and in a boxed set of five sizes from 1/2" to 1" in 1/8" increments.

We offer three specialized sizes for making peppermills: the 1 1/16" is the standard for the central bore; the 15/16" and 40mm bits are for our ceramic mechanisms.

Patented. Made in France.

We also carry three lengths of bit extender and three sizes of Morse taper adapters, available separately. (The 1/2" bit cannot be used with the bit extenders.)