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With the edge sander, you can effortlessly sand small and large workpieces, narrow and wide edges (5mm to 60mm), sloped surfaces (43°-92°) and external curves on the outline (e.g., on a round dining table). You can work up to the inside corners.

In hard mode (setting for pre-sanding), the edge is sanded according to the set angle. In soft mode (setting for intermediate sanding), the edge sander adapts precisely to the surface to be sanded – this means that neither paint nor filler is sanded through.

It is easy and quick to replace the slideway lining on the crossheaded guide to match the surface. Velour linings for delicate surfaces, and plastic lining for all other surfaces.

For ETS 125 REQ and ETSC 125.

Main Applications:

  • Furniture manufacture
  • Edge finishing work

Items Included:

  • LAS-H-ES base runner
  • LAS-W-ES base runner
  • WAF 5 hex key

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