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The trouble with most 8' long tool guides is just that: they are always 8' long. Not only are transport and storage a problem, but crosscutting the 4' edge of a sheet with an 8' beam is sheer frustration. This collapsible tool guide solves both problems; it can be used for ripping up to 100" or broken down for crosscutting up to 52". The two halves connect using dovetailed steel links and brass knobs that keep the segments together once they are tightened. This allows the flexibility to handle the largest common sheet size, particleboard, MDF and other engineered sheets that measure an inch oversize at 49" × 97".

The 100" power tool guide includes a pair of 1" capacity clamps that can be positioned anywhere along its length. For clamping material thicker than plywood sheets, 2" capacity clamps are available separately. Rubber expansion washers allow you to set the clamps to slide freely or with the amount of drag you desire.

Although most power tools need only to run alongside the guide, a 12" long traveller that hooks within the rails on either side of the guide is available separately. The utility of the traveller is further enhanced with the available position stops that clamp onto either guide rail.

Though full panel-cutting flexibility is achieved with the complete power tool guide, the 52" guide (with clamps) is available on its own and is perfect for half panels and crosscutting. Should you wish to upgrade at a later date, the 48" guide extension is also available separately.

Made in Canada.

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