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A fast and effective method of finishing wood.

After sanding, apply a penetrating oil finish (tung oil sealer is ideal), let dry, and buff using the tripoli bar on the all-linen buff. This removes sanding scratches.

Follow this with the white diamond bar on the combination linen/flannel buff to further refine and polish the finish, then complete the process with carnauba wax and the all-flannel buff. The resulting finish is close to a multi-coat lacquer in appearance, yet it is achieved in minutes. Although scratches are removed, crisp detail is not softened.

The system includes:

    • three (8" to 9") buffs with arbors

    • one tripoli bar

    • one diamond bar

    • one carnauba bar

  • quick-change adapter that will fit a 1/2" or 5/8" motor shaft

Maximum 1725 rpm. A 5/8" dia. mandrel with a #2 Morse taper specifically for using the Beall system on a lathe is available separately. Drilled and tapped for a 1/4-20 restraining rod (not included).

Made in USA.

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