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An inlay bushing, teamed up with the corresponding template guide, allows you to make an inlay plug and mating recess from the same template. The inlay bushing positions the bit to cut the inlay recess (or negative), and the template guide positions the bit to cut the plug (positive). The difference between the outside diameter of the inlay bushing and the template guide creates a common amount of offset to ensure a snug fit.

Our inlay bushings are made of solid brass and are sized specifically for use with the Veritas Template Guides. The 1/4" inlay bushing has a 1/2" O.D. and is for use with a 1/8" bit. It requires the 1/4" template guide. The 3/8" inlay bushing has a 7/8" O.D. and is for use with a 1/4" bit. It requires the 3/8" template guide.

Attached using a 1 3/16" threaded ring nut, sold separately.

Made in Canada.

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