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The Veritas Right-Angle Sled is an extremely versatile accessory, giving you a foolproof finger-joint system, complete control of end routing, and a simple, accurate way to dado work up to 8" wide. The sled straddles the router fence for rock-solid support to the right-angle arm. It includes:

  • 14" long arm with a 9" wide slide
  • Finger-joint keys
  • Wooden backing block

With the use of the end-grain backing block on the split bottom extrusion, tear-out is eliminated on through cuts. Box joints 1/8" wide, and any width from 1/4" to 3/4", can be made with the integral fingers.

The sled has the same style of T-slot tracks, uses the same T-slot nuts and is the same height as the main fence, letting you interchange accessories. The machined slot-joint between the arm and slide guarantees a rigid 90°. Support work for end routing (e.g., rail and stile work) is easy, as the arm can be adjusted to leave a 2" gap next to the fence.

For half-lap joints or grooves for sliding dovetails or dadoes, the main fence extrusions can be separated and work passed through the slot. Work up to 4" wide can be dadoed this way. For work up to 8", the sled is locked to the fence and, using a pair of position stops at either end, the entire main fence can be slid back and forth.

This is the fastest and most accurate finger-joint system available for a router and gives tear-out-free results. Instruction manual included. Made in Canada.