Accessibility Statement



  • Set cutter height simply using a handle

  • Routing guard for safe routing and optimized dust extraction

  • Double vacuum connections for size 27mm and 36mm extractor hoses

  • Can remove router for hand-held application

  • Compatible with OF 1010 and OF 1400 only

Main Applications:

  • Routing work of every type – rabbets, roundovers and radii

  • Routing shapes and curves at the ball-bearing guide

  • Jointing work at the stop

  • Ideal for replicating work

Accessories Included:

  • Basic unit with foldaway legs

  • Module support

  • Router stop

  • Guide

  • Press-down fixture

  • Assembly lugs

  • Parallel side fence with fine adjustment and extraction hood

  • Chip deflector

  • Wrench

Set Includes:

  • Table Extension - Simple fitting, folds away. Enlarges the support surface by 405mm (16")

  • Dust Extraction Hose - Collects the dust from the top and bottom of the built-in module. (Not compatible with CTL MINI/MIDI)

  • Sliding Table - For routing work. Can be used with the router stop for guidance. Can be installed in two positions for a large work area

  • Miter Gauge - Best suited for rip, cross and angled cuts. For work requiring two stops

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Technical Data for CMS-GE Router Table

Table height, legs unfolded: 900mm (35 7/16")

Table height, legs folded: 316mm (12 7/16")

Max. cutter dia. OF 1010: 51mm (2")

Max. cutter dia. OF 1400: 60mm (2 11/32")

Dust collection connection dia.: 27mm/36mm

Table dimensions: 585mm × 400mm (23 7/23" × 15 15/16")

Weight: 20.9kg (46.1 lb)