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Installed between the fence rails of a SawStop contractor saw, this retrofit kit is designed to let your saw’s table serve double duty as a full-function support for both sawing and routing operations. The basic assembly includes a heavy-duty 27" × 16" cast-iron router table with a miter slot and a T-slot, a dedicated 27" aluminum router fence with two adjustable faces, a 2 1/4" dust port and a router bit safety guard. Supplied with two sturdy support legs, the table comes with an external power switch for your router. Due to its weight, it must be mounted to the left of the saw blade only and requires the cast-iron wings for the contractor saw for installation.

The table accepts any router lift compatible with a standard 11 3/4" × 9 1/4" insert plate, including SawStop’s robust chain-driven lift. To mount a router without a lift, a standard 11 3/4" × 9 1/4" insert plate is required.

Not available for shipment to Québec.

Compatibility Restrictions:

Before ordering the in-line router table for the Contractor Saw, please note the following limitations:

  • The router table cannot be mounted to the right of the saw blade.
  • It is not compatible with the mobile bases we currently offer.


In-Line Router Table for the SawStop Contractor Saw

Item #: 95T2555

SawStop Model #: RG-TGP

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