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MicroJig's newest splitter system was designed in response to professional shops wanting a heavy-duty system suitable for both solid wood and sheet material.

Like the original, it mounts in a zero-clearance insert (not included) and reduces the risk of kickback by preventing work from closing on, or rotating into, the blade. In contrast with the original, the polycarbonate splitters have a stainless-steel core and are used in tandem for sheet stock or with a kerf keeper in solid wood. Each face of the reversible splitters (four different faces) presents a different degree of lateral offset from the blade centerline. For sheet goods, the splitters are offset in opposite directions — one acts as a miniature featherboard to keep work registered against the fence, the other ensures the offcut clears the blade.

In solid wood, you use a single splitter to hold stock to the fence, plus a keeper that wedges the kerf open if released tension causes it to close. Splitters and keepers remove quickly for non-through or bevelled cuts.

Available in regular kerf (0.118" to 0.145") and thin-kerf (0.090" to 0.118") versions, the kits include four steel-cored splitters, four kerf keepers, an installation jig, a drill bit, and detailed instructions.

Made in USA.

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