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These are quality, high-performance bandsaw blades. The Wood Slicer resaw blades have, for more than 25 years, been an exclusive product line developed and distributed by Highland Woodworking. Now available from Lee Valley, they are sharper, thinner, stronger and quieter than standard resaw blades.

The carbon-manganese spring steel bodies have twice the tensile strength of conventional bandsaw blades and are flash butt upset-welded to make a joint indistinguishable in mechanical properties from the rest of the blade. The teeth are cut using exclusive sharpening technology, set, and precisely hardened to Rc65-67. The tooth pattern is an alternating 3-4 tpi variable tooth pitch design that reduces resonance and makes for a blade that cuts significantly more quietly and tracks better. The blade thickness is 0.022" and has a minimal set to produce a 0.03125" kerf – about half that of similar blades. The blade back is also rounded and polished to eliminate a potential source of fatigue cracks and minimize wear on thrust bearings. These properties make the blades ideal for resawing dry wood while minimizing waste, giving smoother, straighter, faster cuts: the blades are not recommended for green wood or curved cuts.

Highly recommended. Overall tool lengths listed. Also available in a 1/2" width.

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