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Designed for use with most SawStop table saws, this sliding table helps support and control stock when making crosscuts of up to 48". Twelve bearings housed in the sliding frame ensure smooth, precise travel, while an adjustment mechanism lets you fine tune the sliding resistance to your preference. The large built-in protractor allows miter angles up to ±60 °, while flip stops on the integrated crosscut fence allow accurate repeat cuts. The fence extends from 43" to 58" and comes with a scale printed in Imperial (in 16ths) on one side and metric (in millimetres) on the other; you choose which to display during initial set-up.

The crosscut table is installed in place of your saw’s left extension wing, requiring cutting away the left portion of your saw’s existing fence rails, or it can be installed to the left of this extension wing to avoid cutting the fence rails. In its standard mounting position, the stationary portion of the crosscut table projects about 12" from the infeed edge of the saw's table to permit the full 48" of crosscut capacity. If shop space is a concern, it can be mounted flush with the infeed edge, leaving no overhang, while still providing 36" of crosscutting capacity.

Both the fence and 47 1/4" deep table are made of aluminum that has been heat treated for strength and rigidity and anodized for durability. A well-made accessory that significantly enhances the crosscutting capability of most SawStop table saws.


Crosscut Table for Contractor, Professional & Industrial Saws
Item #: 95T0502
SawStop Model #: TSA-SA48

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