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Despite the tremendous possibilities that steam bending offers, it’s the prospect of setting up a steam box that deters many woodworkers from trying it. Made to high performance and safety standards for commercial use, this reliable steamer makes set-up a breeze, so it’s also an outstanding unit for those who are new to the craft.

It comes with straightforward instructions for making your own steam box of any shape and size (up to 0.868 cu.ft. per unit; for larger projects, multiple steamers can be used). It also includes a 12' hose with a brass quick-connect coupler that fits a 17/32" hole drilled in your steam box, forming a secure, sealed connection. The 5 litre, 1500W boiler runs continuously for up to 120 minutes – much longer than an ordinary kettle, so you spend less time monitoring the water level and refilling it. It automatically shuts off if it runs dry or overheats, and built-in safety valves prevent excessive pressure from building inside the unit.

It has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. An excellent steamer for both hobbyist and professional applications.

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