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A simple and versatile edge bander that is easy to adjust and maintain. Includes the edge bander trimming set with all the accessories for the Conturo and tools to cut edge banding to length and perfect the edge. The Conturo can be used to band inside and outside curves and circles. The trigger is used to toggle between two speeds; the faster speed is ideal for straight edges and the slow speed is good for areas requiring special care and attention, such as curves.


  • Simple controls make it easy to operate the machine; graphics indicate when the machine is ready to receive a piece of edge banding and when it is ready to start banding
  • LCD display shows what length of edge banding can be applied with the amount of glue left in the machine, the temperature and the amount of adhesive being applied
  • Intuitive interface makes it straightforward to adjust the glue temperature and amount of glue output
  • If left unused, the machine will automatically switch to cooling mode and then switch itself off once it drops below 50°C
  • Thermally isolated so there is no risk of burning


  • KA 65 Plus Conturo edge bander
  • Front handle
  • Edge banding reel
  • Additional roller
  • Edge banding trimmer
  • Carbide scraper
  • 4x EVA adhesive, natural color
  • StickFix base kit with 3 felt pads
  • 80mm × 133mm hand sanding block
  • 5x StickFix polishing felt 80mm × 133mm
  • 20x Brilliant StickFix abrasive P320 sheets 80mm × 133mm
  • 5x Vlies StickFix S800 abrasive cloth 80mm × 133mm
  • Systainer SYS 4 TL case

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Technical Data for Conturo KA 65 Edge Bander Set

  • Power consumption: 1200W
  • Melting temperature range: 100° to 210°C (212° to 410°F)
  • 18mm to 65mm (3/4" to 2 9/16") edge banding height capacity
  • 0.5mm to 3.0mm (1/64" to 1/8") edge banding thickness capacity
  • 2/4 metres per minute (6.56/13.1 feet per minute) feed speeds
  • 50mm (2") minimum inside radius
  • Weight: 7.9kg (17.4 lb)

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