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Offering a good balance between power, capacity and portability, the innovative 70-150VSR Midi model incorporates several practical features of larger industrial lathes but in a more manageable size.

Made from substantial iron castings, it weighs 95 lb, giving it the mass needed to dampen vibration, yet it’s easy to move around the workshop. It has impressive stock-holding capacity, both in swing (12") and distance between centers (16 1/2"); for larger work, it permits outboard turning, and can be used with an optional bed extension, sold separately.

Its digital controller makes setting spindle speed quick and convenient – just select a range (250 to 850 rpm, 430 to 1450 rpm or 950 to 3200 rpm) by moving the drive belt between pulleys, then turn a knob to dial in a precise speed within that range, shown on an LCD screen. There’s no need to stop the lathe once you’ve begun working, so you can go from roughing out through to finish-turning and sanding without interruption. You can also reverse rotation at the flick of a switch, allowing you to sand down lifted fibers for a finer surface finish.

The control box has a magnetic back so you can mount it anywhere on the lathe bed for easy access without obstructing your work.

Fitted with a graduated indexing head for locking the spindle at 15° increments, the lathe uses a 1" × 8 tpi spindle and a #2MT headstock and tailstock for compatibility with a wide range of standard accessories. It comes with a spur center, a live center, a 3" faceplate, a 6" tool rest with a 1" diameter post, a knock-out bar, wrenches, hex keys and a tool holder.

Backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Optional stand sold separately.

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