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With a fine 3mm orbital pattern and a triangular platen that tapers to a narrow point, this sander excels at precise work in corners and tight spots, or on profiled surfaces. To permit broad coverage when needed, it measures 4" at its widest point and has two 6" long bevelled sides to sand right up to an edge without contacting adjacent surfaces.

At 4" tall and weighing just 0.97kg (2 lb 2 oz), it is lightweight and easy to handle when working vertically or overhead. Compatible with a range of Mirka pads, it lets you select from a full line of abrasive types and grits to match the application.

Powered by a 14' grounded cord, its 250W brushless motor performs comparably to a 360W conventional motor. It has a low noise rating of 68 dB, as well as low vibration output (2.6m/s²) and pairs with the myMirka app to monitor long-term vibration exposure.

Effectively dust-free in use, it has a rear port for connection to a 1" diameter vacuum hose, and a pattern of holes in the platen that draws dust from across the entire sanding pad.

In variable-speed mode, the upper control paddle lets you adjust speed on the fly without interrupting your work – pressing the paddle increases the rpms, and a lighter squeeze slows the motor. In fixed-speed mode, you can lock in any of five settings within its 5000 to 10,000 rpm range, with the paddle serving as an on/off switch to stop the tool within seconds.

An outstanding tool for precise sanding tasks, backed by a 2-year warranty.

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