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These kits combine a DEROS electric sander and a rolling dust collector, along with a vacuum hose and hose sleeve, a selection of abrasive discs and a Systainer storage case.

Designed to minimize noise and vibration, the DEROS sander has a 6" diameter platen and aggressive 5mm orbit pattern, permitting rapid sanding of large surfaces while yielding consistent finishes in a range of applications.  

It connects to the Mirka 1230 HEPA PC or Mirka 1230 HEPA AFC (Automatic Filter Cleaning) dust collector with a 13' vacuum hose. A pattern of holes in the platen distributes suction across the entire sanding disc, extracting dust right at the source to reduce clean-up time, help avoid health risks associated with airborne dust, and eliminate stray abrasive particles to ensure better surface finishes and longer abrasive life.

The PC model has a Push and Clean cleaning system, whereas the AFC has an automatic self-cleaning cycle – a particular advantage when using an aggressive sander for heavy stock removal, as it lets you keep working for longer periods without having to clear loaded vacuum filters manually.

To make the sander’s vacuum hose and power cord easier to manage, they can be bundled together in an included sleeve made of a soft but durable anti-static material that resists picking up dust and debris to help protect surfaces from scratches.

Each kit includes 200 Abranet Grip mesh abrasive discs (50 each of 80x, 120x, 150x and 180x), which use aluminum oxide grit bonded to a tough polyamide mesh, allowing sanding dust to be drawn through the entire sheet to resist loading and maximize dust recovery.

Each kit also comes with a Systainer case, along with hardware for mounting it directly to the top of the vacuum for protected onboard storage of the sander and discs.

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